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This is the official account for Kanon Channel, a website dedicated to Kanon Wakeshima and the community! We wanted to create this space as a place for fans, friends, and those curious to interact freely in a positive and engaging environment.

Hope to meet everyone here! Don't be afraid to talk to us, please. 😀

We are finally happy to announce that you can order a physical copy of OUR DECADE - Unbalanced by us Fanzine Vol.1. Working with Blurb, enjoy over 20 illustrations from artists around the world! Go to our UBU website to order now!

Kanon Wakeshima is live today at Osaka! As always, we wish we could be there to see her perform. 😄

Tickets for Kanon Wakeshima’s one-man live in Osaka have been sold out! She thanks her fans for supporting her. Anyone going to the concerts in Japan?

“Love your enemies” will appear as a new song for SEGA’s motion-based arcade game Chunithm Amazon Plus! Anyone play this interesting music game?

This special case comes with four DECADE-themed flags! Get yours at the DECADE one-man lives. 😁

Another Twitcasting session will happen again today! We'll let you know when it goes live. 😆

If you haven't already, we recommend that you download the Twitcasting mobile app on your phone/tablet and follow Kanon there to listen.

“I like my music very much that when I listen to my music I feel very touched. My music is the best, isn’t it? Melody and lyrics both great...”

Hashtag Things always happen with musicians

Kanon Wakeshima has officially reveal the goods that you can buy at the one-man lives coming later this month and in June!

Anything that you wanna buy to add to your collection?

Kanon and her band have had their first rehearsal for the first one-man live. Seems to have gone well without any problems according to one of the staff members.

ver.2019 update!

We've started developing the fanzine. As mentioned earlier, we're including both the 2019 and 2018 illustrations with over 25 pages of Kanon Wakeshima and Thanatos art from the community.

We're thinking about adding a fan shoutout section for those who want to join us. Reply to this post here and we may put it in the fanzine! Thanks everyone.

Have you written your letter to Kanon Wakeshima yet? There's still a couple of weeks left until May 31st to send your letters to Kanon Channel.

Remember that we'll be sending your letters and the THANATOS fanzine to Kanon Wakeshima around her birthday next month, so please send them in soon! Thanks!

In Japan, some people celebrate “Maid Day”, a day in honoring maids. While Kanon Wakeshima isn’t a real maid, she’s surely dressed as one in some of her live performances!

“It is fresh to know songs from a new country and an artist's songs when there are various music recommendations. There are a lot of artists who do not recommend songs that foreigners recommend, and all are cool. Does everyone listen to anything other than anison...?”

“This arrangement is very nice~ I do not know who did it... Whoever played the Cello did wonderfully..”

This is to verify that I am indeed THE Kanon Channel account for the website. 😁

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We want everyone to express their appreciation for Kanon Wakeshima freely as a community. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what language you speak, we welcome everyone all the same.