Made some tweaks to flowersound.soclal today to make it run smoothly. I'm working with a graphic designer to give the platform a unique feel. I'll keep you posted about it soon.

As @87kanonchannel has tested and mentioned earlier, is now supported for verification via Keybase!

If you use Keybase to work on team projects or just as a way to verify your identity, you can now do so on!

This may only appeal for techies like me, but hey it's a new feature here. πŸ˜‚

We're going to put up a video tutorial on how works in the future, but in the meantime, here's another FYI for you.

The search bar below the menu can only search for hashtags (such as and ), users, and URL links within and other Mastodon servers.

It is not possible to perform a full-text search. This is done for safety and privacy reasons.

I have updated Mastodon to version 2.8.1. This enhances with bug fixes and a new option to add polls to your posts!

Click here to find out how to hide your posts with the "Content Warning" feature. Show more

Want a way to get the latest posts and notifications without always using the web browser? Check out these apps and use them on!

With all that said, we welcome you to! We hope to see many interesting people and conversations here. Remember, this platform is nothing without you. Thank you! 😁

Please be mindful of the rules when posting. You did read the rules and agree to them right?

If any misconduct occurs, you can report the user and we'll take care of the situation. Users have the option to mute, block, and report other users as a privacy and security measure.

We want to be a positive and engaging environment that encourages people to express themselves within reason. Please do not abuse this privilege.

Wondering about the best way to use this social platform? Start by saying hi!

Introduce yourself and start talking about whatever you want. The stage is set and you're the leading actor!

By default, everyone's posts will be viewed publicly by all users through the "Local Timeline". You can change this by clicking on the world icon to change the privacy settings of your post.

You can find many other users, follow them, fav their posts, and boost their posts via the Local Timeline.

Hi! Welcome to, the new social platform for Kanon Wakeshima fans presented by Kanon Channel.

We recommend following @87kanonchannel for new updates on Kanon Channel and Wakeshima.

Keep following my account for updates and maintenance notices for Don't worry, I won't spam your timeline that much. If you have any questions or feedback, don't be afraid to @ me.

We want everyone to express their appreciation for Kanon Wakeshima freely as a community. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what language you speak, we welcome everyone all the same.